Golden beet soup


Let’s have a chat about how soup recipes are 0% designed for people that live in small apartments like me, with fridges that are 30% smaller than an average fridge. There’s nowhere to store the extras so you end up eating a double portion so you can fit the rest in your smallest pot possible.

Not ideal - thus the inspiration for this recipe that’s designed to make one perfection bowl of soup. Even though this recipe is meant for one, you can double or triple it if you’re cooking for more.

Beets are delicious, but understandably take time to cook so you need to plan ahead. There are several ways to cook beets, but my two favorite methods are roasted and boiled, the latter of which happens to be the way we’ll cook them for this recipe.

Once boiled, all you’ll need to do is blitz up the beets in a blender with greek yogurt, cumin and olive oil. But we don’t stop there! The toppings are the best part. These are all optional, but I love serving this with chili yogurt, crumbled blue cheese, and even more cumin and olive oil. Dig in!

Yield: 1 serving

Golden beet soup


  • 3 large golden beets, trimmed and peeled
  • 4 tablespoons plain, unsweetened yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • To serve: Cumin, crumbled blue cheese, olive oil


How to cook Golden beet soup

  1. Cover the beets in a pot with water. Bring the water to a boil on high heat. Boil the beets until you can easily poke a knife through them. This can take around 45 minutes - but it’s worth the effort!
  2. Before draining the beets, set aside 3 tablespoons of the boiling liquid. Drain the beats.
  3. In a blender combine the beets with the boiling liquid, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, cumin and olive oil. Blend everything until very smooth.
  4. Add the chili powder into the rest of the yogurt and stir to make the chili yogurt.
  5. Serve warm with the chili yogurt, crumbled blue cheese, drizzle of olive oil, and dash of cumin. You can even add some chopped beet greens too!
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