Beef broth tortellini soup

Beef tortelini soup

I realize this is weird.

Yes, this is a soup recipe in the middle of summer. But when the oven makes your apartment unbearably awful, a stovetop dish is exactly what you'll need. Plus let's get something straight. Summer produce was meant to go into soup!

This is kind of like a super easy tortellini en brodo. You don't need to slave over the broth or hand-make the tortellini. Basically you can take the credit for putting it all together, but it's just five ingredients.

And it wouldn't be one of my recipes without some sort of dairy, so top your soup with manchego + you won't regret it.


Beef broth tortellini soup

  • 1 lb. package frozen tortellini

  • 32 oz. box of beef broth

  • 1 cup green beans, trimmed + cut in thirds

  • 2 packed cups fresh kale, chopped

  • Sliced manchego, for garnish

  1. Add the beef broth to a large pot. Add water to fill the pot 3/4th the way up. Bring the broth + water to a boil.

  2. Add the tortellini, set the timer for the length of the package instructions. Three minutes before the tortellini is done, add the green beans. One minute before done, add the kale.

  3. Continue to stir until the tortellini are cooked through, the green beans are bright + the kale is wilted.

  4. Split the soup amongst a few bowls, and top with sliced manchego cheese. Enjoy.