20 ways to use pesto

20 ways to use pesto

Get inspired with twenty ways to use pesto, because I don't need to hold you back from letting your pesto dreams come true.

Pesto is a sauce, typically made with fresh basil, cheese, pine nuts, olive oil + tons of garlic. But it doesn't stop there anymore, you'll find plenty of variations on the classic. Think pesto made with red peppers, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro... See? It's endless. 

Pesto goes well in sauces, on meat, with grains, for breakfast or for dinner. So there's no excuse that you couldn't be enjoying it right at this very minute. Hmm...

So don't wait for it, dive into twenty ideas for using pesto below!


So what's your favorite way to enjoy pesto? Let me know in the comments!