A Valentine's Day Table Setting, Etsy Style

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  Candlesticks // Plate // Coasters // Serving Bowl // Wooden Spoons // Tray // Balloons // Tea Towel // Air Plant Pod

It's that time of year again. Pinterest turns into a pink/red/purple blur, all of your favorite tv shows are going lovey dovey + candy is on main display at the supermarket--it's Valentine's Day.

This post is for all of you who are looking for a bit of inspiration for the night. I was inspired by the classic V-day color pink, of course, but white + gold adds a bit of contrast + pop! I am particularly fond of the "love" balloon too. If anyone set a table that looked like this for me I would be absolutely smitten. Note that each item comes from a different Etsy shop.

As always, I encourage you to check out what small shops are offering for Valentine's day. They'll often provide a more personalized experience than a big name brand ever could. Especially on Valentine's day, that's a difference that matters.