Trend Report // 6 unique food instagrammers

unique food // a little gathering

A few years ago a fell in love with a blog, the now defunct Luxirare. Honestly, it totally sucks that this website is down because it had some of the most creative cooking I have ever seen on a food blog. Like these potato crips + these edible crayons

Ji Kim ran this blog. She was also a tad controversial, but she always spoke some truth.

She also knew how to make oysters look dope.

The other day I spent some time scrolling through what exists of her work on Tumblr. It’s crazy how creative she was + how much her food spoke for itself.

I haven’t seen a food blog tackle recipe development and styling like her’s since.

Here’s the thing, food blogging has become very homogenous looking. recipe sharing sites and pinterest have defined specific aesthetics + they totally have their place.

But I’ve submitted my recipes to those websites + something is always “not ok” with them. From overexposed to camera angles, it seems like the only recipes that are actually on those websites fit into a certain, specific aesthetic.

There’s rarely room for moody light, close up images that show off texture or food props that haven’t jumped out of a catalog.

And here’s the thing, there’s a place for these photographs.

I’m way more excited about sharing my recipes that look like, well, my recipes. You have to embrace what you want, because ultimately it’s not how close you can copy someone that will get you to where you want to be. It’s about creating food that looks how you want it to look and showing up. And by showing up I mean staying consistent.

It’s crazy to see how far my food photography has come in the past few years. The only way I got from there to here is by working on my images and recipes. I spend time on the weekend to shoot and edit all of my photographs. It takes time to write the recipes.

But I love it. What I mean, there has to be some middle ground between what everyone is doing and what no one is doing. And that middle ground is you. what you’re doing.

bottom line: I don’t want to play your food blogging games.

So instead of continuing my mini manifesto, here are six instagrammers/recipe makers/really cool humans that aren't doing what anyone else is. and hey, it's kind of awesome.


This account is one of the most clever I've seen in the past year. It's a fun spoof on tweezered, expensive food. All of the ingredients used can be found at your local bodega. But the name might fool you, it's run by Christine Flynn. Shit, it's cool.


OMG these cakes! They're perfectly imperfect, breaking the mold of what a frosted cake should be like. They are over the top + colorful. Crafted by the hands of pastry chef Andy Bowdy.


Graham Blackall always has a creative take on the classic sweet treats we all know. Sometimes his recipes involve cakes, other times it's all about King Cake flavored french fries.


Holy surprises! Alana Jonesmann pulls from trendy + nostalgic influences to makes sweets that are as sweet on the eyes as they are in taste.


I found Laura Miller through her work with Tastemade, but I think her vegetable + fruit hairpieces on Instagram are the real stars. And she makes vegan recipes look devine.


I mean, affogato with cotton candy people. Whimsy meets "wait, actually I want to make that". Stephanie Le is a creative force.

Well there you go! Some of my Instagram crushes lately. Do you have any of your own? Let me know in the comments so we can stalk them together.