How to use Squarespace's ChowNow integration

how to use squarespace's chownow integration

Welcome to Squarespace, ChowNow! Now anyone can add online food ordering directly to their Squarespace websites. 

The goal for any restaurant should be that when someone visits their website they: 1. Want to come to your place or 2. They want to order food from you right away.

This new Squarespace integration makes it so helpful for restaurant's to set up online ordering as soon as their website launches. Man, I wish I had this when I was setting up the website for Viên!

But what's ChowNow?

ChowNow is an online app and mobile ordering system. Instead of directing potential customers to third-party sites (think Seamless), you can allow customers to purchase food from your restaurant right from your website, Facebook page, and more. Oh, and it connects with your POS too.

Why this matters

When a potential customer orders food from a third-party site, your competition appears right next to yours. You might not think this is too big of a deal, but trust me, potential customers are shopping around for the best place to eat. ChowNow helps turn potential customers into actual transactions by keeping them focused on you. This means more money for you. 

How do I get started?

First, create your ChowNow account over here.

Then, grab your ChowNow Company ID. 

ChowNow Company ID

Next, connect the two!

Go to the home menu, click settings, and then connected accounts. Select ChowNow. 


Next paste the ChowNow Company ID you got from the previous step. Click "Connect to ChowNow."

Add ChowNow to your navigation link.

Add a ChowNow page

Find this in the home menu. Click pages, the + icon to add a new page, and click ChowNow.

This will add the integration into your navigation so any visitor can click it and order through the pop-up that appears. Easy! But make sure your ChowNow account is fully set-up with your menu, prices, etc. before connecting this.

Wait, that's it?

Yes. And hey, now everything is all in one place!

So what is this going to cost me?

Instead of a fee on every single order, ChowNow uses a subscription model. Included in the fee are unlimited orders, a tablet, a full dashboard, branded apps, and marketing services. You can view their current pricing over here.

Don't even have a website yet? Dislike your current website?

I can help with that. Check out my current services, portfolio, and reach out.