Christmas Napkin Rings

Christmas Napkin Rings via Print (Em) Shop

By Sarah Adiutori of Weekend Pursuits 

I am a firm believer in not allowing your fancy glassware and pretty dishes to collect dust, which is why I use mine on Tuesdays or Thursdays or really any day. I never understood hiding away the goods for a special occasion, everyday is special! However, growing up the fancy dishes were squirreled away until the holidays, until they were placed on our dinner table alongside several candles and a cheerful centerpiece. I have helped set our holiday table for several years and I love adding special touches, like these adorable and super easy Christmas Napkin Rings!


Supply List
2” PVC Pipe, cut into 1” pieces
Fabric Ribbon, cut into 8” pieces
Christmas Ornaments (I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree) Hot Glue Gun and Glue

To Create

1. Apply hot glue to a cut piece of PVC pipe, attach a piece of ribbon to the PVC pipe ring, making sure to center the ring on the ribbon (see photo).


2. Continue applying glue to the ring and attaching the ribbon all the way around the ring, making sure to smooth the ribbon down as you go.

3. When you have covered the entire outside of the ring, apply hot glue to the end of the ribbon and fold over about 1⁄4” inch of the ribbon to create a neat edge (see photo) then continue gluing until all of the remaining ribbon is attached to the ring.

4. Turn your ring so that you can see the cut edge of the PVC pipe, apply glue to the cut edge and smooth the ribbon down over the cut edge toward the inside of the ring. Repeat on the other side.

5. Hot glue an ornament on to your ribbon covered PVC ring.

6. Add a napkin and jazz up your holiday table!

Christmas Napkin Rings via Print (Em) Shop

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