A Little Gathering's Top 10 Recipes in 2016

A Little Gathering's top 10 recipes in 2016

Alert! It's almost 2017 everyone. Time flies when you're cooking, right?

It's been over 2 years of A Little Gathering, and I've honestly loved the challenge of creating new recipes for this site. This is not my first food blog, but it's the first that really felt right.

I created over 50 recipes (!) this year, so I thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and share the recipes that were your favorites in 2016. And lucky me, these are my favorites as well!


10 / Harvest salad with roasted acorn squash

A vegetarian salad recipe fit for any holiday table. This salad shines when on a large platter with the roasted acorn squash parading around the serving dish. Peppery arugula works well against the sweet flavor of the dressing. Tangy goat cheese + crisp pear finish the whole thing off. And damn, it looks pretty once assembled.

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9 / Chai pear lemonade

A new take on classic lemonade, this time with the flavor of chai + pears. It's also perfect for when the weather is flipping between warm + cold. It's lip puckering sour with shrub + lemonade. If you're more into sweet things, be sure to add more sugar. Otherwise sip on.

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8 / Green onion chicken drumsticks

A great weeknight chicken recipe; simple enough for new cooks as well. This is a kinda grown-up version of baked chicken legs topped with plenty of crunchy sesame seeds + salty peanuts. Enjoy these on a bed of rice with even more chopped green onions. It keeps well in the fridge so you'll have a quick lunch ready for the next morning.

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7 / Apple pastry buns

A quick dessert recipe, that'll make you fall in love with what puff pastry can do. These buns have a mix of fall flavors going on from apple to cinnamon, but couldn't be easier to pull off. The apples become jammy, the pasty gets flakey + you can pull the whole thing apart to expose the layers.

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6 / Herb pesto arancini

A truly easy arancini recipe. Arancini are basically like giant stuffed rice balls, but deep-fried. Usually made with leftover risotto, they're creamy on the inside + crispy on the outside. This one is stuffed with a basil + mint pesto plus fresh mozzarella. These are addicting!

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5 / Street corn-style roasted potatoes

This is one of the recipes I'm the most proud of, so I'm glad you all liked it too! It's a take on Mexican-style street corn, but with potatoes. The potatoes are spicy + golden, but the lime sour cream calms everything down. The queso fresco is a cheesy bonus! It has all of the elements of a classic Mexican-style grilled corn, but switched up.

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4 / Make your own latke party

I love Hanukkah latkes, but really they should be enjoyed year round because there are so many ways to make 'em! I'm proud of this one because it's also a tutorial to create an EPIC latke platter like you would a cheese plate. Who wouldn't want their pick of three different types of latkes?

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3 / Apple cinnamon pancakes

This recipe was very special for me because it was inspired by a personal event. It's a really good pancake recipe, perfect for fall with flavors of cinnamon + tons of apples. This'll make your next Sunday brunch quite special.

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2 / Coconut milk mac and cheese

A non-traditional mac and cheese with coconut milk. I really, really love this one. Coconut milk builds the base of this mac + cheese. I love the flavor + how creamy it is, but it's way lighter than a traditional base. There's a teeny bit of cheddar in this mac + cheese, but a majority of the color (plus flavor) comes from smoked paprika + turmeric.

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1 / Sausage, peppers + onions pigs in a blanket

And the most popular recipe of the year were these suckers! And for good reason, they're easy, impressive + delicious. They're my favorite as well! 

These are a mash between traditional pigs in a blanket, everything bagels + sausage and peppers. Essentially everything that I like about being a New Yorker in one bite.

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And that's the top 10 recipes for 2016! It was so much fun creating all of these this year, and I'll be back next year with even more ideas for your gatherings, small + big. As always, be sure to reach out if there is a recipe you're looking for and look out for new posts in 2017. Cheers!

What to eat Christmas morning

What to eat Christmas morning

Ah, Christmas morning. Nothing is like it.

And the possibilities are endless, but there are a few rules. A Christmas brunch needs equal parts sweet and savory. And plenty of coffee, of course! I pulled together a few ideas for your best Christmas morning yet. Keep scrolling!


1 / Baked eggs with spinach, ricotta, leek and chargrilled pepper via Top With Cinnamon

2 / Baked ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches via Sprig and Flours

3 / Maple-candied bacon via The Clever Carrot

4 / Citrus fennel and avocado salad via FoodieCrush

5 / Crispy roasted potatoes with rosemary via Williams-Sonoma

6 / Quick balsamic fig, roasted tomato and burrata cheese tarts via Half Baked Harvest


1 / Chai french toast via Camille Styles

2 / Grapefruit and earl grey bread via Kale & Caramel

3 / Toast with peaches, tahini and honey via Tending the Table

4 / Pumpkin pancakes, salted caramel and pecans via On The Plate

5 / Quick pumpkin cinnamon rolls via Dessert for Two

6 / Raspberry chia jam via A House in the Hills


1 / Golden milk cocoa via Local Milk

2 / Creamy matcha and moringa latte via The Green Life

3 / Black sesame cappuccino via Golubka Kitchen

4 / Maca cacao hot chocolate via Love & Lemons

5 / Sweet potato pie smoothie via The Little Plantation

6 / Rejuvenating citrus juice via Dolly and Oatmeal

Tips for an amazing Christmas morning breakfast

1 / Get the coffee brewed first. Priorities, guys!

2 / Prep as much as possible the night before. Ideally you don't want to cook anything from scratch the morning of.

3 / Don't make everything from scratch, duh. The last thing you want is to stress out Christmas morning. So do a bit of homemade and store-bought to keep it easy.

4 / And finally, don't feel the need to make it perfect! Christmas morning is for family, not Instagram. Always remember that.

10 perfect recipes for fall

10 perfect recipes for fall

Well here we are, it's fall again. It's cooling off, but that just means sweaters are on, candles are lit + I'm pouring hot coffee. Growing up in New York, fall has always meant crisp apples + the changing leaves, and I look forward to it every year.

The best part are the ingredients you get to work with again, so I wanted to round up some of my best fall recipes that I've shared on the blog. I hope you make them this fall too!


So there's a few ideas to get you inspired. Now I really want to know, what recipes will you be making this fall?

6 recipes for National Creme Brûlée Day

No joke when I was younger I used to be obsessed with different flavored creme brûlées. It was like a challenge to try them all, a gluttonous challenge, but you know that's kind of my thing.

It seemed like every menu had their own take on the custardy dessert: chocolate, lavender, citrus + the classic vanilla bean. Creme brûlée is known for its custard base + torched sugar top. You use your spoon to break the sugar glass shell + it's creamy/crunchy in one bite.

So my childhood dream came true, there is a day dedicated to creme brûlée. I might not be able to snag a creme brûlée this year (it's not always on menus anymore!), but these recipes can get you started if you want to DIY it tomorrow.


6 recipes for National French Fry Day

It's freakin' National French Fry Day!! Alert the presses, it's basically my birthday.

Last weekend I went to a restaurant, ordered a pressed sandwich which had two options: side salad or french fries. I ordered the side salad, and I kind of still regret it. Fries before other sides.

So for National French Fry Day, let's make some fries. Good thing there's tons of options out there, from the traditional to the non-traditional. Basically you can fry anything + call it a fry now. Dipping sauces not optional.


6 recipes for a 4th of July BBQ

Here we are, it's summer. And by summer, I mean it's "avoid the sun + stick to air conditioning" season.

But if you're not like me, you might want to spend some time outdoors + invite a bunch of friends over for some BBQ. No day is better to feast outside than July 4th.

But instead of going meat + cholesterol heavy, I want to serve up something different. Let's do a plant-focused July 4th BBQ, shall we?

And fine, I might go outside if these dishes were waiting for me.