Snack Stories No. 04 // Lydia Crespo of Argaman & Defiance

Lydia Crespo // Snack Stories

I first discovered Lydia Crespo's work when I stumbled upon her gift wrap while researching an indie gift wrap post. I love everything black and gold, so I was instantly obsessed with her gold black speckle gift wrap

Her shop, Argaman and Defiance, is a print-lovers dream. Her bread + butter is 100% silk scarves. They're naturally dyed by hand which means each one is a unique piece. Since 2009 she has sold hundreds of her beautiful scarves + even has a line of raw silk crop tops. Her scarves are the showstoppers, flawlessly beautiful + timeless.

Oh yeah, and she was named "Best of Etsy 2014" in Chicago Magazine's "Best of Chicago". No big deal right there. 

I knew I had to pick her brain a bit, so I asked her if she'd like to answer a few questions for me. Thank you Lydia for participating in Snack Stories!

Check out her responses below, but be sure to really check out her shop. Oh, and follow her on FacebookInstagram + Twitter too. She posts beautiful things, lovelies!

Sweet or salty? 

Salty! Chips, pretzels, you name it I love it!

Plan it or just do it?

Depends. When I am working on a commission I plan plan plan. When I am creating a new line, (like right now, 2016 wohoo!), I play around and feel out what is working best.

Late night or when it feels right?

A little of both. I recently began taking on my little business full time. I am also preparing to move my studio into a new big big studio. More work means a lot of late nights!

Your dream snack (fantasy).

Cheese. Cheese anything!! And bread. I think I just described pizza. That too.

Go to snack (reality).

Frozen fruit. Mangos, grapes, bananas, blueberries, and strawberries.

Snack Stories No. 03

I am so happy have this lady on the blog today, Tara Victoria! A few months ago we collaborated on her blog, + I have been obsessed with this girl ever since. Tara charms with her clearly defined aesthetic + there is always something fun going on her blog. Plus she is currently working on her design and branding shop, Hatch & Harbour, which is sure to be stellar. Her "Between Lenses" collaboration with Of Trees and Hues is a perfect example of what I love most about the blogging community. Working and sharing with others is part of her DNA, so I knew that she would be a perfect person to feature on my Snack Stories column! Thanks Tara!

Sweet or salty? 

I am definitely a salty gal. Pretty much any kind of salty snack is my kryptonite. 

Plan it or just do it? 

I try my darnedest to plan meals, but it usually ends up being a spur of the moment - whatever I am craving that day kind of thing. 

Late night or when it feels right? 

I don’t love snacking late at night, not a fan of going to bed on a full stomach, I end up having really weird dreams haha! So I guess when it feels right :)

Your dream snack (fantasy) 

My dream snack would have to be any kind of ice cream that doesn’t go straight to your hips!

Go to snack (reality) 

Since I’m more of a salty gal, my go to snack ends up being chips or popcorn. I am kind of a popcorn fanatic… and now I’m hungry :p

Snack Stories No. 2

When I started my shop and blog I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to collaborate with other talented bloggers and creatives. I am very happy to introduce you to two bloggers who will contribute to the blog every once in awhile: Megan of The Stiles Files + Sarah of Weekend Pursuits.

This week we announced Blogmas 2014, 24 days of posts + giveaways to celebrate the holiday season. Blogmas starts on Monday + posts by Megan + Sarah will be part of the series!

After much thought, I decided the best way to introduce you to these talented bloggers would be for them to share their own snack stories. These ladies happen to have beautiful Instagrams, so click on the pictures below to see their accounts!

Sweet or salty?

Megan: Salty all the way. Bring on those kettle cooked sea salt and vinegar potato chips! 

Sarah: Both!

Plan it or just do it?

Megan: I love to search for the "it" recipe, so I would definitely say I plan.

Sarah: When traveling I always plan it! On other days it goes either way, but to avoid a snack disaster I usually have a Kind Bar stashed in my purse.

Late night or when it feels right?

Megan: Late night, because who doesn't love a good binge after a week of self-control? 

Sarah: I am a midday snacker, lunch occasionally gets tossed aside in favor of snacking.

Your dream snack (fantasy)

Megan:  There was this stand in college that served up the hot dog of all hot dogs. Seriously, it was called the Super Dog. I'm talking a real jumbo hot dog covered in cucumber and pineapple sauce, potato chips, and cheddar cheese. Last, but certainly not least, they would broil it in an oven, melting everything to perfection. That is my fantasy snack.

Sarah: I recently discovered Chicago Popcorn and it is amazing! The perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Go to snack (reality)

Megan: Grilled cheese, no questions asked. Don't believe me?

Sarah: Fruit, any and all kinds.

Snack Stories No. 01


Introducing Snack Stories a look into what your favorite bloggers, creatives and makers are snacking on. I am personality obsessed with what food people cannot get enough of, so I thought you guys might be too!


First up is my favorite duo, Wildling Kitchen. Emily and Anais are the creative souls behind their Brooklyn-based catering company and supper club. I attended one of their supper clubs over the summer and had the best time. They always serve up something unique that you have never tried before. Anais graciously answered a few of my snack stories questions!

Sweet or salty?

Salty, 99.9% of the time. When a marzipan craving strikes I have to give in, but I find it necessary to add salt to fruit so I'd say salty is the definite winner.

Plan it or just do it?


Emily and I try to plan as much as possible, but "just do it" is probably a more honest answer. Our planning sessions often take place over coffee in the very early morning, or over drinks after midnight, and turn into endless card games or binge watching the OC more often than not.

Late night or when it feels right?

For me, when it feels right, but for Emily, I'd venture a guess and say late night. The girl doesn't need sleep like most humans, and I'm probably more of a grandma than your actual grandma.

Your dream snack (fantasy)

A soft pretzel, right out of the oven, and an assortment of mustards for dipping.

Go to snack (reality)

Hummus. Hummus with carrots, hummus with chips, hummus with celery... Once I saw a woman eat an entire tub of Sabra with her finger on the F train and even that wasn't enough to put me off of the stuff, although I would never buy hummus when it's so easy to make at home.