How to make gravlax

How to make gravlax


I made cured salmon. And it worked!

There's so many food projects I want to tackle, but this one was quite intimidating. Cured salmon, or gravlax, isn't smoked salmon. Instead of smoking, the salmon is cured with tons of salt + other flavors.

My greatest fear with tackling this was that I was going to poison myself somehow. That didn't happen, but let's keep going.

I worked off of Spoon Fork Bacon's recipe for gravlax which uses lots of brown sugar, salt + dill to cure the salmon.

And it's easy, because you just dump the cure mix on one salmon filet + then top everything with the other salmon filet. Wrap it tight, and wait.

Wait a few days.

And you'll end up with something like this.

Totally transformed + cured. In the end all of those flavors really do hit the salmon. It's kind of incredible because you get the dill, the sugar, and the salt--all in one bite.

But you don't have to stop here. 

Toast up some bread, give 'em a swipe of mayo, a slice of gravlax, grainy mustard + a bit of dill. It reminded me of this salmon I had at the Maltby Street Market in London--but much more salty + sweet.

If you can't get enough of briny flavors, you need to make your own gravlax. It's silly easy.

And no oven was turned on in the making of this post.

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How to make pesto

pistachio pesto a little gathering

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I'm using a new hashtag. That hashtag is #cooknewthings.

I love to cook for my blog, but sometimes I make things that don't make their way to the recipe section. I use #cooknewthings to tag everything I make, including recipes I create just for myself.

Two months ago I decided that this hashtag would also be the inspiration behind a monthly cooking challenge. I started it so I would keep cooking new things, but also so others could join me!

May's prompt was pesto, but not just basil pesto because I think we're all really familiar with that one. This month was about making a pesto you've never had before. 

I chose to make Jessica Merchant's strawberry caprese with pistachio pesto.

The bulk of the pesto is, you guessed it, pistachios. First you pulverize the pistachios with basil, mint + other typical pesto ingredients. It's a thicker pesto, but you can always thin it down with more olive oil + herbs.

And then you can go the further step + pair the pesto with cherry tomatoes, strawberries and fresh mozzarella balls. OH YES. And by oh yes, I mean it's fresh, sweet, nutty + all around a great combination of flavors.

This pistachio pesto is just the beginning of more experimentation. I'm thinking an orange + mint pesto with lamb ragu or a sun-dried tomato one with chicken thighs is next. You see where I'm going.

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