4 perfect cocktail mixers for Spring

spring cocktail mixers

It seems like all of the sudden there is a cocktail mixer explosion. The competition has never been more fierce! Lucky us!

But what's the difference between shrubs + simple syrups?

Shrubs (or drinking vinegars) are made from combining fruit, sugar + vinegar. They're sour, sharp + slightly fruity.

Simple syrups are made by boiling equal parts water + sugar. But that's only where they start. You can add herbs, dried flowers, citrus, basically everything goes. Strain out anything you put in + you have a syrup ready to go.

You can make your own of both, but honestly there are so many companies out there making beautiful shrubs + syrups. I collected a few that look so delicious for Spring. Spring flavors are light, bright, sometimes floral + citrusy. But I can imagine all of these in a spritzer with some wine, carbonated soda + fresh fruit. 

Drink up!

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