How to make weekend meals special

how to make weekend meals special // a little gathering

It’s not everyday that we get to enjoy a special meal. I mean, we’d love to. Like really really love to.

a special meal is not always realistic for those that are busy with work, family and/or school.

Even so, there are simple ways to make meals special on days when you have the time for them. For me, the weekends are when I can get creative and experiment. For you it might be another day of the week. Embrace those days with these ideas.

Choose one ingredient you’ve never cooked with before

Think of this like Chopped. Browse your grocery store aisles + find something you have never cooked with before. Doesn’t matter if it’s brussels sprouts or tahini. Reach for a new ingredient + work it into your meal.

Cook an ingredient you cook with all of the time, but find a new recipe for it

Weekday meals get boring because we make the same thing over + over again. Take something you typically make during the week, say chicken thighs, but change it up. Do you usually roast chicken thighs? Try roasting them with honey, dijon mustard + tarragon. Serve this over a risotto you’ve never made before.

Take inspiration from your favorite restaurant’s signature dish

You know those eye-rolling good restaurant dishes you’ve had? Make those at home. You might not recreate the dish perfectly, but you can take ingredients from the dish to create something special. those moments when you think it tastes so good or the flavors are so clever? those are the moments you try to recreate.

Bake the bread you’ll serve with your meal

Have you ever baked your own bread? Admittedly making bread is tricky. It takes time to get it right, but you don’t have to go crazy. Start with a simple cornbread or quick bread. Next step, try making some cheesy dinner rolls. Even you mess it up, it’ll taste like cheese. that's a win. 

Serve a cocktail that goes with your meal

Ok maybe this is all too much for you right now. That’s ok! Let’s just stick to a cocktail that goes with your meal. Serving something that contains citrus? Add a citrus-based cocktail into the mix. tacos? red wine sangria. eating something with pork? try a drink with apple or something that tastes like pineapple + ginger. bottom line, alcohol.

So are you ready to take on any of these challenges? Let me know your ideas in the comments!