Some of my absolute worst recipe fails

So, here's the thing about having a food blog. I make lots of mistakes, basically always. I'm a professional mess maker and amateur recipe tinkerer so mistakes happen A LOT.

But I think it would be a mistake not to share the recipes that didn't work with you, because they're hilarious and maybe there's a lesson or two here. Enjoy this!

cooking fails

I went through a phase when all I wanted to make for this blog was ice cream sundaes. I mean, a few of them were actually really good! This one didn't quite work out. It was a roasted pineapple sundae with dulce de leche. The ice cream kept melting and when the ice cream froze up the pineapple had a funky texture.

cooking fails

Ok this idea was cool, in theory. I wanted to make beet crepes and then fill them with cream cheese + lox. But I didn't have enough beets to really pull of the color, plus I think other bloggers might be using food dye for projects like these. The resulting crepes kind of looked like...ham? It totally looks like a slice of ham, right? I'm going to rework this idea though, because I'm obsessed with those flavors.

cooking fails

I went through a phase in which I was obsessed with ices, so I decided to make one that is cranberry + ginger flavored. For some reason it tasted just like cotton candy. Not sure how i accomplished that, but for those looking for a natural cotton candy flavor, cranberry and ginger might be your best bet.

cooking fails

Ok, this dish was actually really delicious, but I think it turned out kind of boring looking. It's a baguette with melted gruyere, a swipe of dijon mustard + turkey. It's really really good, and now you have the recipe.

cooking fails

Last year the only thing I could talk about was lentils, so I thought I was being so creative by making a lentil curry without really exploring lentil cooking times or how curries are made. The lentils tasted good, but kind of looked like taupe discs.

cooking fails

Another recipe from the ice cream sundae era. This one was a mint sundae, so I thought it would be fun to create a homemade magic shell and candy some fresh mint. Maybe i should leave candy to the experts, because this mint was just coated in sugar and water (ew). Also the candy shell was so thick I needed a knife to cut through!


A few months ago I had the brilliant idea to make my own cashew milk. Then I thought I would use it to make a warm matcha latte. When I started to heat the cashew milk it thickened and clumped up and when I added the matcha it turned grey. And I still tried to photograph it!


The mother of all fails! This was my attempt at making an upside-down cobbler, with matcha, again. The whole thing went completely soggy once removed and flipped from the pan. You can even see how I used confectioners sugar as an attempt to fix it. Well, it didn't work!

So there you go! A few of my many kitchen fails. We all have them despite the beautiful recipes we share on Instagram. Keep experimenting though, even if you fail a few times. What's your biggest recipe fail? I'd love to hear about it!