How to cook when you don’t have time

how to cook when you don't have the time // a little gathering

This isn't going to be your typical list, nor is this going to be a sponsored post for the latest meal subscription service. Let's chat about how to cook when you don't have time.

Let's keep this real. Sometimes we don't have the time to cook for ourselves. In these moments, when there is no wiggle room, take out or cereal is the reality. But when there is time to cook, even twenty minutes, you can make delicious food happen.

So for you, I put together six tips for cooking when you don't have time.

Create a Pinterest board for ideas

A lot of uncertainty about what to cook comes from not knowing what to cook. That's just silly because there are many platforms dedicated to recipe inspiration. Heck, this blog is dedicated to that very mission! 

Have your ingredients delivered to your doorstep

Grocery shopping takes time. Have your ingredients travel to your doorstep. This is easy.

Doctor up pre-cooked or boxed meals

It's alright to buy pre-cooked or boxed meals. If someone says otherwise, they probably don't understand what it's like to have zero time to eat. At the same time you don't have to serve these meals as the instructions say on the box. Have a few go-to ingredients around for livening up your food, like fresh herbs, green onions, flavored oils + vinegars. Boxed mac & cheese with chiles in adobo is a game changer.

Find weekday staples

Weekday staples are your easy to make + quick to eat meals. We're talking twenty minutes or less, here. Amazing ideas are sandwiches, soups + salads. Anything that's more like prepping versus cooking.

Make weekend meals special

I have a category on my blog called fancy eats. These are eats for the weekend, when you have a bit of time to cook something special for yourself. Here's the thing, make meals special when you have the time. A great idea is to try a recipe you've never tried before when you have the time. Serve these with a glass of wine or break out the fancy plates.

Cook with your loved ones

With work + hobbies, there aren't enough hours in the week to get everything done, let alone spend time with friends + family we love so much. A way around this? Cook a meal with them. We all have to eat, but how fun would it be to have your favorite people join you? I used to cook all of the time with my friends in high school and college. It was fun + always delicious. Bring it back by inviting people over for a pizza night. I mean, you only need pizza dough, sauce + cheese. 

SO, bottom line. Stop making excuses. Try making something fresh + your own at least once a week. Go. Get. It.