3 cookbooks to read this Spring

cookbooks for spring

Guys! the tulips are starting to poke through the ground. do you know what that means? it's spring! to embrace the season let's chat about three cookbooks I think you should have on your shelf + ready to go.

first up is the san luis obispo farmer's market cookbook by kendra aronson. I actually got this one from supporting her kickstarter campaign which funded this book. I was drawn in by kendra's passion to where she lives (san luis obispo, duh) + by the fact that she was going to feature both recipes + the stories from chefs + farmers that participate in the farmer's market. if I made a cookbook, it would likely look something like this one tbh.

some recipe highlights: garlicky blackened brussels sprouts with meyer lemon aioli, turkish spiced lamb with salty jajik, pistachio crust honeyed goat cheese cheesecake + beekeeper burrata

the next cookbook is from a bakery I was obsessed with while i was in london, the violet bakery. ok, not obsessed with...but whenever i went to broadway market i was there. they had (and still have) the most adorable cupcakes, but everything the violet bakery sold seemed so pure + delicate. i was excited to see that Claire ptak created this cookbook, even more happy to see just how many recipes were inside.

some recipe highlights: chocolate croissant bread pudding, apricot and almond-cornmeal muffins, honey and rose water madeleines + roasted black figs.

this isn't necessarily a pure cookbook, since there are other crafts + lifestyle suggestions in this one. the year of cozy is seasonally driven, featuring recipes for all four seasons. everything behind this book is driven by the desire for comfort + exploration. it's an interesting book of contrasts, but it's almost like a lifestyle blog in book form.

recipe highlights: golden milk tea, crab grapefruit granita salad, homemade graham crackers + fancy-ass pb&js

Want a look inside each of these cookbooks? check out my latest youtube video below.