50 Valentine's Day dessert ideas (+ a free menu planning printable!)

a little gathering v-day printable

It's almost Valentine's Day, so that means you'll need easy, delicious + chocolatey dessert ideas for the big night.

Today I'm excited to share something I've been working on for a couple of weeks now! A special feature page for Valentine's Day. The idea came about because I want to share more printables + recipes that I love. The solution? A page completely dedicated to just this.

You'll find:

  • 50 Valentine's Day dessert recipes curated by yours truly

  • Access to a FREE Valentine's Day menu planning printable

the recipes span everything from cookies to ice cream + poached fruit to whole layer cakes. there's plenty of restricted diet options for Valentine's day too.

ANd OF course I had to try baking a few of them too!

there's these lemon raspberry pie crust hearts from Joy the baker. they're filled with a punchy raspberry/lemon filling with a dough that's incredibly easy to pull off. 

joy the baker hearts // a little gathering

there's also these thyme + black cherry jam drop cookies from My darling lemon thyme. These are flavored with fresh thyme + then filled with a generous scoop of black cherry jam. They're also gluten-free!

jammy cookies // a little gathering

And another recipe is this showstopper of a cinnamon roll from the vanilla bean blog. guys! It's literally a cinnamon roll cake. I usually shy away from using yeast doughs (I should share my failures in this department some day), but I did it! This cinnamon roll monster is topped with a brown butter frosting, as if there wasn't already enough buttery goodness in each slice.

cinnamon roll // a little gathering

each of these recipes are killer! I'll be sharing more shots of them on my instagram in the next few weeks.

free valentine's day printable

for the printable I wanted to do something completely different than most I see. I wanted the printable to be hand drawn + collage like. it's slightly crazy because cooking isn't neat!

there are three sections: one for drinks, one for dinner + one for desserts, duh! It's also an adorable way to remember what you made that year you decided you wanted to cook an entire meal for your sweetie.

valentine's day free printable // a little gathering

If you download the printable or try out any of these recipes be sure to give a shoutout on Twitter! I'll be re-tweeting my favorites until Valentine's day.