4 perfectly simple aprons for the next time you want to DIY brunch

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When I was little I would spend every Saturday at my grandma's house. My grandmother knew how to keep me + my sister entertained. We would cut funky shapes out of cucumbers, dance around to our favorite tape cassettes + take field trips to the local nursery.  

Another favorite activity was sorting through my grandma' old things--gold costume jewelry, photographs + delicate aprons. 

Most people don't wear aprons anymore, but more + more so they are coming back into fashion.  

Companies like Hedley & Bennett are the rockstars of this revitalized interest in aprons, outfitting everyone from professional chefs to fashionable amateurs. 

Today I'm sharing four of my favorite apron designs (plus where you can buy them!) I like each of these because they are super simple + reasonably priced as well. 

A few tips when looking for an apron: structure is always more important than looks. Always search for one with pockets + well constructed seams. Aprons need to hold up after tons of washing, so make sure the fabric is fade resistant as well.  

Shop my favorites below: 

linen half apron // reversible dish-towel apron // adele (find similar) // black wide stripe chef apron