A cookbook review for The Sprouted Kitchen

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Most people head right back home after work. Most days that's me, but sometimes I like to walk to the local bookstore to see what's new on the shelves. Often my first move is to go straight to the cooking section.

A few weeks ago I headed in, just to browse. I left with Sara Forte's The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon. The Sprouted Kitchen is not the blog it is without the beautiful photography of her husband, Hugh Forte. Luckily the book features his photography much like their first book. I have been a fan of their blog for years, so to finally get my hands on something more of theirs was a no brainer. 

Sara focuses on whole cooking, but this book highlights dishes that can be enjoyed in a bowl with a spoon. The book covers everything from morning bowls to sweet bowls, but my favorite section covered big bowls. It's really a study in flavor combinations, like ahi tuna with green onion, avocado and soy + caribbean jerk-seasoned white fish with a salsa of mango, avocado and papaya. The ingredient lists run long at times, but that's how Sara builds flavor.

I look most forward to exploring Sara's dressings and sauces section. Sauces are tough to master, but the best way to master them is to try recipes out to see what works. I'm a master at the pesto (spoiler alert!), but I look forward to testing out her peanut sauce as well as her tahini citrus miso dressing.

Together Sara + Hugh share a lifestyle, one filled with grain salads, bright flavors + whole food savored whether served family style or in a single bowl.