4 trivet designs to covet

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I'm a skilled juggler. No, not in the way you're thinking, but more so in that I often have four pots cooking on the stovetop kind of way. 

Thankfully I have never actually burned a countertop, but abused them--I'm guilty.

That's when trivets come into play. It used to be very difficult to find quality designs with unique details. It might take some searching, but it's easier to find then than you think. 

Pinterest is surprisingly a great place to start when you want to assess the styles available. From there you can do an Etsy search to find one in the right price + material.  

Today I'm rounding up four of my favorite finds, with a variety of price points, materials + designs. Sidenote: shoutout to AHeriloom that just updated their website too! It looks gorgeous + now I want all if their trivets, cake stands + cuttingboards. 

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