Fish scales are beautiful + now available as a desktop download

fish scale wallpaper // print (em) shop

The more + more I play around with design I find that I am completely drawn to abstract design. Not that I don't like hyperrealism, but I like subtly representing common items in different ways. This time, it's all about the fish scales.

Nothing is particularly enthralling about fish scales on the surface, but when you look closer you notice how beautiful they truly are. Each scale contains a myriad of colors, glistening when hit with sunlight.

These scales are super abstract + don't glisten in the light, but an homage to the beauty of the real deal. These shapes are free form, repeating between a shorter + a longer style of "scale". I've been playing around with color a lot lately, but here it's a monochromatic color scheme of blue. 

Download below + be sure to let me know of you do so!