Geometric desktop backdrop freebie

Blue + yellow desktop backdrop // Print (Em) Shop

Every once in a while I bug my parents with endless questions about my heritage. It's a fascination mostly because so little is actually known.  

My family had roots in Europe, but the tree was disturbed, like many others family trees, by World War 2.  

In college I tried to connect back to my part German roots by studying the language for my language credit. Most of the people in my class were indeed not beginners, so I quickly took a Spanish placement test + dropped German.  

I don't regret it, but I do think about ways to connect to those relatives often.   

A few weeks ago I came across a German cookbook, one that my grandmother would refer to. It had this crazy yellow + green iconography on the front like a wooden rolling pin and a pot over a hearty flame. Inside were hundreds of recipes, all in German. The best part were probably the images both illustrations but also photographs of oddly presented dishes on a bright blue backdrop. 

Since I am obsessed with everything geometric, this desktop backdrop is kind of like my ode to the cookbook. Really abstract, but incorporating the color palate so boldly chosen by its author.