Digging deeper with Mood Magazine

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It’s a weird feeling when you lay our eyes (and then your hands) on something, and you immediately think, “This one’s for me”

So was the case when I spotted Mood Magazine at the Strand Bookstore. I spent the evening with a friend drinking mojitos + stuffing ourselves full of Mexican dishes. 

Full, but unable to kill the night, I dragged her along to my favorite spot, the Strand.

Mood Magazine // Print (Em) Shop

The Strand is a figure, at least in my mind it is. I fell in love with the store when I took a digital photography course at nearby Pratt. I would have class in the morning + then fast walk my way back to Union Square where the Strand is nearby. 

I love to take people to this bookstore, because you learn so much about their tastes, likes + dislikes from how they tackle the store. Some rush to their gift section, others linger at the new releases. Few make it into the depths of the space. 

Mood Magazine // Print (Em) Shop

I immediately plant myself in their cooking section + that is where I happened upon Mood.

Upon realizing that the magazine is $16, I had a momentary hesitation before going in. There were no ads touting younger looking skin or promoting expensive handbag purchases. There was just content, beautiful content. Any ads that do appear are expertly designed, just like the pages of the magazine itself.

I bought it.

Mood Magazine // Print (Em) Shop

Mood is a quarterly magazine about food, but also dedicated to music. The magazine draws from contributors from around the world. It all comes together in a cohesive issue that is then sold online + around the world.

This issue (no. 7) went in many directions, but it was definitely focused on a search for authenticity, whether in the music or food culture of a place. 

It helps me develop new recipes when I read them in publications like this one. I read voraciously, methodically + with so much pleasure.

Mood Magazine // Print (Em) Shop

It was one of those discoveries that makes you both appreciate 1,000 copy circulations, but also recognize their limitations.

Often content is fleeting, but Mood digs deeper. More content should strive to dig deeper.

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