Coffee + Stars // a desktop backdrop

coffee + stars desktop backdrop // print (em) shop

When I set out to design desktop backgrounds for this space, I was admittedly unsure what my aesthetic was.

I am a voracious pinner. While using a tool like Pinterest is fun + inspirational, after some time everything looks like same.

As an online creator I want to create work that is shareable, but designing or photographing for re-pins really stinks. I want to create my work.

I'm the first to admit that I still think my drawing skills aren't cool. Frankly, I'm intimidated by drawing in general. I'm not trained + my approach is very DIY. I know some of you reading this might feel the same exact way. 

This desktop design is the closest to my personal aesthetic at the moment. Each element has been handdrawn + then colored in post production. It's an ode to the morning: when you have some time for yourself, the stars are fading + you get to enjoy your coffee or tea. Then you get on with your busy day.