A pick me up desktop download for Monday

coffee break desktop backdrop // print (em) shop

Well, lovelies, it is Monday. Not everyones favorite day of the week, but hopefully I can make today a bit smoother with this desktop backdrop designed like a latte.

I've never been a habitual coffee drinker, although I do like to drink cups of tea throughout the day if I can. When I want an extra kick I can't resist a good latte for both the warm caffeine + the pretty designs on top. 

Coffeeshops hold a special place in the hearts of most freelance creatives. I can't afford a studio for my work, so often my options are home, a public library or a coffeehouse. Home is sometimes distracting + my public library has only one seat with a plug (!!!) so if I want to get some good stuff done, sitting with a latte isn't a bad deal.  

There must be countless novels, blog posts + big ideas that have been cooked up while over coffee. And that's pretty cool. 

Download the backdrop below + let me know your go to caffeinated drink in the comments below.