Finding the time to create when you work full-time

Tip for creatives that work full-time // a little gathering

For ambitious makers there is never enough time (+ sunlight!) in the day to get everything done. It is especially difficult for those of us who work full-time on top of building a creative brand.

Personally I commute over two hours a day to my full-time day job. I love my job, but I also love my blog--so I've had to work hard to find the balance that works for me.

Let's remember that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, so luckily it is all about prioritizing what matters at any particular time.

Rome was not built in a day, but it might have been built while someone was brainstorming on their commute. That's how the phrase goes, right? Nonetheless, here is how I make the most of my free time to make everything I want to.

5 tips for making time when you work full-time

Take advantage of the time you do have

If you work Monday-Friday you have Friday PM to Monday AM for you. That's plenty of time to create some great things! Some weekends might be busier than others, but there are no excuses if you have those days off for creative fun.

Brainstorm on your commute

You now what I do on my commute? I make lists. There is nothing more stressful than sitting on a train catapulting along with nothing to do. It's especially tough on us creative types who want to keep creating. Some of my favorite ideas for my blog have been part of commuting brainstorm sessions. I sometimes also edit my blog posts on my commute (guilty!)

Plan ahead (but really)

Anything + everything you can do to prep ahead is better. For me this means making sure I have all the supplies necessary before I want to even get started. Since most of my creative projects are made for this blog, sunlight is so important. When is the sunlight best? Around noon. This means that anything that needs to be prepped has to be planned ahead.

Online ordering is your friend

Shops are not open all of the time for those that work full-time. You know what's always available? Once you plan + brainstorm you know exactly what you need + that doesn't include waiting on a checkout line. A few clicks + have everything you need for your next project sent to your doorstep.

Take a break

You have time, but you should also spend time on other pursuits than creative. Hang out with family, eat a meal out or even take an online yoga class. These activities give me more inspiration than staring at a list could.

Food for thought // Do you have some good tips for others than work full-time? Please share in the comments below!