On dreaming big + taking risks anyway (+ a free printable)

Dream Big Free Printable // Print (Em) Shop

If there is one thing I have learned since starting Print (Em) Shop, it is that you have to dream big. We all face limitations, but dreams can drive us to be creative + think beyond those limitations.

Print (Em) Shop turned 1 years old a month ago. When I started my shop I had no master plan except I knew I needed a creative outlet that would push me out of my comfort zone.

Sharing your work with others is not always a dream. People can be critical + they might not like what you have to offer. There is always risk inherent in any creative pursuit, which is why it is so stomach churningly addictive. If I learned anything since I launched Print (Em) Shop, it is that you should not wait to package orders at midnight AND you have to dream big.

This 4x6 print is dedicated to those moments when you might question yourself, but you know you are going to take that risk regardless. 

So do just that, dream big + know you have a cheerleader over here rooting you on.