Free Printable: You, Me and a Giant Ice Cream Sundae

Sundae free printable // Print (Em) Shop

It's time to up your gallery wall game, so this one goes out to the ice cream lovers! I enjoy creating wacky ice cream sundaes, but nothing feels better than sharing one with a good friend or loved one. This is inspired by my never ending ice cream cravings, but it was a fun excuse to test out a topsy-tervy layout too! 

If you want this free printable, download below + feel free to print it out as many times as you would like. If you would like this or another quote printed + framed, send me a quick message to get started.

Note: You may not use this printable on any item that you intend to sell, nor can you alter this print or resell it outright. This printable is only for personal use.