Desktop background freebies inspired by Shakey Graves

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It is not often that you find yourself at a concert for an artist you are only slightly familiar with + you come away from it O B S E S S E D. When I do I embrace that feeling because it is super rare.

My friend won tickets to a Shakey Graves concert + it took me about two seconds so say YES. I was not really familiar with his music, but I spent the week listening to his latest album on my commute to + from work. I liked the album, but I loved him live. He's such a unique performer who engages the audience from the first note to the last. Plus he is hilarious, which most musicians kind of fail at when they are in front of a live crowd. If you have never listened to this guy, do it now. If you have the opportunity to see him live, do it.

Inspired by that show I created three desktop backgrounds featuring some of his kick-ass + inspiring lyrics. I kept the font + color palate consistent, but each has a slightly different vibe. Download each design below.

Shakey Graves Desktop Background 1 // Print (Em) Shop
Shakey Graves Desktop Background 2 // Print (Em) Shop
Shakey Graves Desktop Background 3 // Print (Em) Shop