A babe's gotta do, what a babe's gotta do

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When I think if the word babe, I don't think about just some chick. I think about a hard-working, butt-kicking chick. It's an aspirational term.   

I don't think I've ever considered myself a babe in the traditional sense, but in the sense that I have drive. Lot's of it. 

A year of owning my own business, no matter how small, showed me that we create our own opportunities. Showing our worth + showing up is not half the battle, it is the battle. 

So inspired by the term, I created a print for all you babe readers. 

I wanted to mess around with geometric prints, and I dug this combo of feminine pink + earthy golden green. The effect is made by free form painting different layers in Photoshop. Then the layers are moved around a bit + resized if necessary. The result is a print that looks structureless.  

Download this print below!