Did I tell you about that time...

London street art // Print (Em) Shop

...I lived in London for a few months? When most people visit they are excited to see Big Ben or take a spin around the London Eye, but those are surprisingly not the memories I loved the most from my time there. No surprise, it was the design + the food.

One, the street art in London is some of the best out there. East London is not on most people's itineraries + it really should be. Strolling through the streets is almost like a trip to a modern art museum. Street art is both in your face, but also concealed like on tiny pieces of chewed gum or under ledges. It's incredible + the landscape changed throughout the time I was there. Beautiful, impermanent works of art.

And second, the food. English food has a notoriously unfair reputation. It's not true. Not only is there a melting pot of chefs at work, but the traditional grub is mighty great too. Some of my favorite meals were at pubs, simple meat pies or large plates of Sunday roast serving alongside hard cider.

Oh yeah and if you were curious about the pie that inspired my obsession with meat pies, look no further than the picture below. That pastry!

London meat pies // Print (Em) Shop