Donut Printables for Valentine's Day

By Sarah Adiutori of Weekend Pursuits

It seems like just yesterday I was unwrapping Christmas presents and toasting to a New Year, only to glance at my calendar and realize it is almost February! After the holiday rush, we all anticipate that with the festivities behind us we will have a bit of time to relax, but that is just wishful thinking. Since Valentine’s Day might have snuck up on you and it is the last thing on your frazzled mind, I created a simple printable for the holiday filled with all things pink and heart shaped. I always make sure to get my besties a little something on Valentine’s Day and I know that they will donuts about this print! Paired with a Print (Em) frame, a donut (or two!) and a Starbucks gift card it is the perfect present for the donut lover in your life. 

V-day Doughnuts.png

Download the Printables below by clicking on each of the three cute phrases
Donut Worry Be Happy -­­ A great reminder for your friend who always brings the #drama;

Donut Go Breaking My Heart -­­ for the person who always eats the last donut;

I Love You More Than Donuts -  to let that special someone know how much you care.

Sarah Adiutori is the editor and founder of Weekend Pursuits, where she inspires DIY Mavens to embrace the best days of each week. From Friday night (post-happy hour #cheers) to Sunday (pre-bunch), she knows a DIY lady will cook, create and celebrate until her heart is content or she runs out of sequins. Adiutori has bounced between the west and east coast throughout her life and currently resides in the Northeast. A self proclaimed (although confirmed by most everyone she meets) glitter obsessed, caffeine addicted, craft lover who has never met a hashtag she didn’t like. She always has a “just in case” piece of jewelry in her extra large handbag and lots of hand sanitizer.