Fruit bowls to gift this holiday season

fruit bowl round up

We're heading in prime eating season people because #thedietstartsnever, but also it's the holidays. To counteract all of the sweet + fatty food that will be on the menu in the coming weeks, let's work on building up our fruit bowls.

A few fruits I can't stop snacking on this time of year includes juicy clementines, crisp apples + soft pears. We're keeping the fruit bowl stacked with them. But what would all that beautiful produce be without a dreamy bowl for them to sit in?

My sneaky, sneaky reason for loving fruit bowls as a holiday gift is that it serves as the perfect vessel for a modern gift basket. Not that wicker doesn't have it's place, but I think a handcrafted ceramic bowl filled with local produce or packaged goods is money. Going home to your lova's home for the holidays? Bring something like this + you'll be everyone's hero.

Shop my favorites below:

moon bowl (find similiar) // ceramic fruit bowl // large harvest bowl // ivory fruit bowl