Trend report // Fall breakfasts

alternative breakfast trends

Pancakes, bacon + eggs are sadly no longer the stars of the breakfast table. Breakfast concoctions abound on social media, as food no longer just feeds, it's supposed to be pretty too.

Food is so accessible + plentiful in the United States that we don't just eat food, we can have endless conversations about food as well.

Part of that conversation is what is "trendy" in food. I like to think of trends as a form of fusion. 

We can take something that is familiar (the croissant) and turn it into something that is also familiar (the doughnut), but apply a technique that takes an original to a new place (the Cronut). When fusion stems from a unique, not forced, perspective it can drive a new trend.

What I find curious about this list is that it is a list of fusion; where you can clearly understand what is familiar about each dish, but there's a slight twist to each. Let's dig in?

4 breakfast trends for fall

strawberries! a little gathering

Smoothie bowls

Nothing is more perplexing for me than this one, but if presented in front of me I would without a doubt have to photograph my smoothie bowl.

The smoothie bowl's base is a, you guessed it, a smoothie. The consistency can be thicker than a typical smoothie since a smoothie bowl is served in a bowl + consumed with a spoon.

While a smooth texture is recommended for a smoothie bowl, the possibilities of the layers on top of the smoothie base is half the fun. Roasted coconut, almond granola, goji berries, plump raspberries--the combinations are endless. Each ingredient is assembled on top of the bowl like a fine mosaic. 

For those looking for a smoothie bowl fix:

quinoa! a little gathering

Alternative oatmeal

Creative cooks are applying the techniques we're familiar with for oats to other ancient grains. A few popular choices I have seen around the Internet + on menus include: quinoa, wheat berries, brown rice, barley + millet.

There are recipes galore that offer up each grain, slow-cooked in warm cow or almond milk, topped with accoutrement including pumpkin seeds, brown sugar, honey + roasted bananas. 

It's the kind of comfort food your mom used to force you to eat in the morning, but now you'll happily prepare + dive into a bowl. I start to crave warm oatmeal once the leaves start to turn bright orange, so I will be testing out a few morning oatmeal alternatives this Fall.

For those wanting to dive in as well:

honey! a little gathering

Nutrient dense bars

Busy bosses need nutrition fast. When executed properly, a nutrient dense breakfast bar can do the trick. This is not your boring, dry granola bar. Nope, I am talking about beautiful layered bars. These can be time-intensive to make, but they're worth it for a nutritional + flavor punch.

A great bar can be composed in various ways. The base of most bars is typically a mixture of nuts + dried fruits. The binder for the base can range from dates to cane syrup. Sometimes bars will also have a creamy top layer or include fresh fruit too.

Combinations can go many routes, but here are some killer ones to start out with:

tomatoes! a little gathering

Eggs poached in sauce

Shakshuka or eggs in purgatory--whatever you call it no one can deny the nirvana goodness that is this dish. 

Admittedly I was always intimidated by poaching eggs + I am sure many others are too. Nothing could be easier than simmering eggs in hot tomato sauce. It's a one pan dish too!

What's better, this dish works wonder whether you are serving one or an entire football team. Just make sure you have plenty of bread available for dipping into the tomato sauce + runny yolks.


Let's chat about avocados prepared in all sorts of ways. Toast. Smoothies. Baked with an egg. Breakfast tacos. Breakfast sandwiches. Wrapped with bacon.

I love avocados, but let's all agree that avocado toast is so overdone. So try these instead:

  • Avocado baked with an egg (yeah man!)
  • OK this is an avocado toast, but with bacon-wrapped avocado slices, cream cheese + mustard. This one is a big deal.
  • Finally, Green Kitchen Stories combines quite a few of the trends in this post with avocado. Test out this protein boosted oatmeal topped with creamy avocado, raspberries + chia seeds.

There are so many other new kids striking my interest lately + I can't wait to create variations of each of these breakfast trends for this blog. SO, I need to know--which recipe would you give a shot?