4 Green Drink Recipes to Blend Up

Green drinks to blend up via Print (Em) Shop

This one goes out to all who are still recovering from the end of 2014. I hope it was filled with time spent with friends, family + even some TLC for whatever it is you've been working on. I spent most of my time baking sugar cookies, purchasing goods from a few small shops I've had my eye on + working on refocusing the shop for 2015. After weeks + weeks of eating rich, buttery cooking it is time for a detox. It might be time to jump on the green juice craze!

I have to admit that the whole green juice + smoothie craze is a bit foreign to me. A berry smoothie? Sure. Banana strawberry? That's good too. But hearty vegetables in my smoothie? I don't know.

That being said I want to try a few things out in 2015 that I might not have in 2014. Adding kale to my smoothie seems easy enough! While I don't think a green drink automatically means you are healthy, I think adding a great detoxifying drink to your diet can help build better habits. So it's often a win-win if the blend is right. 

I've collected four green drink recipes that I want to take a crack at in 2015. Follow along on Instagram (I'm @printemshop) to see when I tackle them + if I am a fan.

1// Can a green smoothie get brighter than one with grapefruit in it? I don't think so! I love the combination here because I don't think it's an obvious one. Spinach comes together with grapefruit, banana, apple + some almond milk. A bit creamy, but there's no guilt with this one.

2// I'm a sucker for color, so the deep green of this one sucked me in. The color is mostly due to spirulina powder + a few handfuls of kale. This one is out of my comfort zone, but I love pineapple + mango, so it might be time to give this mean green smoothie a shot. 

3// I might need to borrow a friend's juicer, but something seems to be calling my name about this combination of fennel, pear + ginger. This juice seems like half standard green juice + half flavor kick to me!

4// And last, but not least--the classic, green smoothie. This one has it all: kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, lemon, chia, almond milk, pineapple + even more. From this recipe I can add + subtract what is working + what might need to go.

Do you like green drinks? What's your go-to combination? Let me know in the comments below!