4 condiments to warm up your dishes + drinks this winter

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Anyone that truly knows me, knows that I am a freak about food. It all started when I took a job with a restaurant group in college. I spent the summer in their restaurants, but also at many markets throughout the city. If anyone has been to a summer market in NY, you know that they are filled with true artisans. Gourmet grilled cheeses, hand-squeezed lemonades mixed with fruity syrups, buttery lobster rolls--it's a feast for the eyes, stomach + soul. I still work at those markets when I can because I am surrounded with good friends + food when I do. 

The northeast is about to experience a blizzard, so I am dreaming about the warmer weather + brighter eats of those markets. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, I tend to crave anything that is bright, fiery + warming. If you can slather it on warm bread or mix it with warm stews, bring. it. on. These four products bring warmer and summery feelings, but in a jar.

First is a china red plum jam from Ayako and Family. With hints of honeysuckle, this Seattle, WA jam is tart + ready to spread on everything in sight.

I loved anything that calls itself Nonna's, but has a kick. This fiery sauce comes from NYC packed with tomatoes, Calabrian chili + lots of other tasty bits. City Saucery just rocks.

Then, a smoked habanero barbecue from Marshal's Haute Sauce. It's not a traditional sauce without worcestershire and gluten, but with flavors of cinnamon and clove I can't complain. It's that spicy, smoky flavor you need in the winter. It's another reason to love Portland, OR too.

And lastly, what's winter without a good cocktail? Queens-based Cocktail Crate brings the goods with a Spiced Old Fashioned craft mixer. The mixer has a caramel taste with notes of allspice, cinnamon and orange. All you have to do is mix with whiskey and start sipping.

And guess what--all of these can be purchased online through the links above.