Snack Stories No. 03

I am so happy have this lady on the blog today, Tara Victoria! A few months ago we collaborated on her blog, + I have been obsessed with this girl ever since. Tara charms with her clearly defined aesthetic + there is always something fun going on her blog. Plus she is currently working on her design and branding shop, Hatch & Harbour, which is sure to be stellar. Her "Between Lenses" collaboration with Of Trees and Hues is a perfect example of what I love most about the blogging community. Working and sharing with others is part of her DNA, so I knew that she would be a perfect person to feature on my Snack Stories column! Thanks Tara!

Sweet or salty? 

I am definitely a salty gal. Pretty much any kind of salty snack is my kryptonite. 

Plan it or just do it? 

I try my darnedest to plan meals, but it usually ends up being a spur of the moment - whatever I am craving that day kind of thing. 

Late night or when it feels right? 

I don’t love snacking late at night, not a fan of going to bed on a full stomach, I end up having really weird dreams haha! So I guess when it feels right :)

Your dream snack (fantasy) 

My dream snack would have to be any kind of ice cream that doesn’t go straight to your hips!

Go to snack (reality) 

Since I’m more of a salty gal, my go to snack ends up being chips or popcorn. I am kind of a popcorn fanatic… and now I’m hungry :p