4 last minute DIY holiday gifts

Last minute DIY holiday gifts

Christmas is in 3 days, which means that all of you late-minute shoppers are going absolutely insane. But that's ok, because you have plenty of time to make some cute last minute DIYs for all of those on your list. I've collected my four favorite last minute DIY holiday gifts from around the web for you. From the edible to those that will pamper, there is definitely a holiday DIY here that you can bang out without breaking a sweat. 

1 // Winter is the perfect time to amp up your beauty regiment + there is no better way to treat your friends + family than to gift them something great. This DIY vanilla sugar cookie body scrub + soak will do the trick.

2 // Glittered wooden spoons! I love this idea because it is incredible easy to customize for the holidays or to match your receiver's home. It's simple, but a lovely gesture.

3 // Another great customization DIY, a tissue paper watercolor mug. So pull those scrap pieces of tissue paper together, find a simple mug + get ModPodge-ing.

4 // When all else fails, melt a bunch of chocolate + stick some great ingredients in it. Viola, it's chocolate bark AND it tastes really great. You likely have most of the ingredients on hand for this already, but you cannot go wrong with the dried cherry, pecan + sea salt combo.

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