Morning Centering Routine

If you live in the North East it's time for a few things, but mainly WINTER. Winter throws a lot of people out of whack: the days are shorter, it is extremely cold + end of the year obligations both social + financial can become extremely stressful.

I wanted to share a few tips on how I remain centered, especially during the morning! I was not always the best at dealing with mornings (sleeping in too late, skipping breakfast, checking emails as soon as I woke up), but I have tried really hard to find that balance between work, sleep + life in general. I go into more detail below, but check out my Animoto video for a quick look!

1. Candles // These are an instant mood shifter. Filling a room with a relaxing scent, or just one that is relaxing for you, is the best way to transform your environment. I may have work splayed around me + emails piling up, but a candle is a must.

2. Cuppa Tea // It is not necessarily about the tea itself, but the habit of preparing tea. There is a ritual involved in crafting a cup of tea. A squirt of lemon, a dash of milk or a swirl of honey, whatever your choice is you can create a warming + soothing drink tailored just for you. It is a nice gesture, one that you get to enjoy.

3. Breakfast // Similarly to tea, breakfast is incredibly important to me. I typically will make the same things for weeks at a time + then switch it up. It has been oatmeal, scrambled eggs, cereal, french toast, but it has to be there. 

4. No work AM // Alarm goes off + you look at your emails, am I right? Nothing kills the morning vibe like a crazy email from your co-worker or a message from your in-laws saying they are staying with you for Thanksgiving weekend. To find your center you need to tune out everything else. The best way to do this is to ignore messages + any work early in the AM. 

5. Stretch/Yoga // 30 minutes of exercise or nothing, right? Nope. 10 minutes of stretching, yoga or meditation is better than nothing. Remember you will never regret doing so.

6. Mother nature // Surround yourself with plants, flowers + other greenery. It is surprising how much it can lift your mood, plus something that grows with you is poetically what we all need.

7. Something cozy // I don't care if I look "fly" because if I am not comfortable it's game over. Finding what looks good on you + is cozy is what it's all about.

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