4 soups to make this winter

soup copy.jpg

It's the 11th day of Blogmas + instead of fashion we are focusing on food. Apparently if your soup recipe is not colorful with tons of crunchy toppings, your soup is not one I am craving this winter. Flavor-wise anything goes. Here we have four soups that are as easy to make as they are to look at. Skip the caned soup every once in awhile for a fresher alternative.

1 // What does a good tomato soup recipe need? Spice, lot's of it. This curry red pepper + tomato soup elevates a classic with coriander, curry + ginger. Coconut milk adds that creaminess while adding flavor.

2 // I am not a vegan, but I can get behind a vegan soup like this leek, fennel, apple + walnut soup with turmeric. Nuts add an undeniable richness, but there are so many delicious ingredients melded together here.

3 // I don't know what it is with me and these neon yellow soups, but heck they look good and any form of sunshine in the middle of winter is alright with me. This is a smoked gruyere butternut soup with spicy chickpeas, smooth and spicy. 

4 // Scared to cook with tahini? Try it out with this broccoli soup with tahini, lemon + pine nut za'atar. It's a creamy broccoli soup that does not resemble your nightmarish associations with the dish. Tons of flavor is tucked into this soup from leeks to warm cumin.