4 pasta dishes to dig into this winter

4 pasta dishes to dig into this winter via Print Em Shop

On the fourth day of Blogmas my true love gave to me...4 pasta dishes to dig into this winter! We tend to cook and eat comfort foods in the winter (AS WE SHOULD), but I always want to explore new ways to cook even a simple spaghetti. I thought it would be fun to share winter pasta recipes that I want to cook, and maybe you all would share a few that you want to tackle this winter?

1 // Homemade lemon herb ricotta agnolotti is not a dish to make everyday, but consider keeping this recipe on hand when you're snowed in. Happy Yolks makes it look so easy too! Nothing wrong with tons of herbs + ricotta cheese, ever.

2 // This isn't even pasta, but didn't I fool you! This is the best version of zucchini pasta I have seen yet. Kale pesto, oven roasted tomatoes and zucchini "pasta" will be my go to when I want a heaping bowl of warm comfort without the calories. The addition of roasted pumpkin seeds is a nice touch too.

3 // Carbonara tends to be goopy + heavy, but this one makes the cut. Lemony zucchini carbonara with chili is zesty + filled with a great veg, zucchini. It could risk being a bit bland, but chilis add some punch.

4 // Usually I don't have patience to roast vegetables when I just want a bowl of pasta, but I would wait for this pasta with butternut squash, sage + pine nuts. It is simple, but heart enough to be a meal of its own.