Snack Stories No. 2

When I started my shop and blog I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to collaborate with other talented bloggers and creatives. I am very happy to introduce you to two bloggers who will contribute to the blog every once in awhile: Megan of The Stiles Files + Sarah of Weekend Pursuits.

This week we announced Blogmas 2014, 24 days of posts + giveaways to celebrate the holiday season. Blogmas starts on Monday + posts by Megan + Sarah will be part of the series!

After much thought, I decided the best way to introduce you to these talented bloggers would be for them to share their own snack stories. These ladies happen to have beautiful Instagrams, so click on the pictures below to see their accounts!

Sweet or salty?

Megan: Salty all the way. Bring on those kettle cooked sea salt and vinegar potato chips! 

Sarah: Both!

Plan it or just do it?

Megan: I love to search for the "it" recipe, so I would definitely say I plan.

Sarah: When traveling I always plan it! On other days it goes either way, but to avoid a snack disaster I usually have a Kind Bar stashed in my purse.

Late night or when it feels right?

Megan: Late night, because who doesn't love a good binge after a week of self-control? 

Sarah: I am a midday snacker, lunch occasionally gets tossed aside in favor of snacking.

Your dream snack (fantasy)

Megan:  There was this stand in college that served up the hot dog of all hot dogs. Seriously, it was called the Super Dog. I'm talking a real jumbo hot dog covered in cucumber and pineapple sauce, potato chips, and cheddar cheese. Last, but certainly not least, they would broil it in an oven, melting everything to perfection. That is my fantasy snack.

Sarah: I recently discovered Chicago Popcorn and it is amazing! The perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Go to snack (reality)

Megan: Grilled cheese, no questions asked. Don't believe me?

Sarah: Fruit, any and all kinds.