Last minute Thanksgiving DIYs

Last minute thanksgiving days via Print (Em) Shop

Thanksgiving is in a few days, and although you might have the cranberry sauce set and the brine is almost ready for that turkey, decor is not your forte. You want it to be charming + simple, but sadly your budget + time is running low. Last week I shared four of my favorite Thanksgiving DIYs + I wanted to top those crazy simple DIYs with some that are even more, well, crazy simple. 

1 // DIY Thanksgiving Placemat // Craft paper is like the duct tape of paper. You can use it for anything and everything. It makes a shabby chic placemat for those of you looking for a solution to your bare table right now.

2 // Painted Leaf Place Settings // Take a look outside + there are leaves, tons of leaves everywhere. A bit of copper spray paint and you have a perfect addition to your table setting.

3 // Flowerless Thanksgiving Centerpiece // Stuffing? Check. Brussel Sprouts? You bet. Flowers? Uh, does a cactus count? Instead of freaking out pile up those ingredients you are using to cook with anyway and make a Thanksgiving centerpiece sans the flowers.

4 // Gilded flatware // Everything is set and perfect, but your flatware is boring. This quick DIY will take care of that.

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