Be the best guest. Hostess Gifts that will make you look good.

Hostess Gifts via Print Em Shop

Do you know what's in a week? December, duh, but it's also the start of BLOGMAS.

What's Blogmas?

It's 25 days of blogs including DIYs, recipes, tons of tips, + oh yeah, giveaways. I cannot wait to share with you everything that is coming up including posts from contributors who you will be introduced to this Wednesday! It will be a fun month, but make sure you are following along on Instagram (@printemshop) so that you don't miss a thing.

To give you a head start on your shopping, I put together a hostess gift guide for her. For him is coming up tomorrow. Of course all items can go for anyone who you think would admire them, but this is a great way to share double the gifts! 

Somewhere Store Wooden Salad Servers // Salad lovers rejoice! Tossing a salad with tongs will be a thing of the past.

Salt House "The Mini" Apron // A fashion-forward take on the kitchen apron? Any proper host has to have one.

SCARFSHOP Cotton Scarf // With all of the colors of the rainbow to choose from, there is a scarf your host will wear all winter long. 

Almost Done Geometric Earrings // These are for the bold and modern host. Good thing you can easily wear earrings while cooking. Your host will love them.

Hernon and Lamb Brass Necklace //  Simple enough, but with a bit of intrigue. This is a great gift for when you want to give your host a handmade gift without the time it takes to make something!

Solid Manufacturing Co. Walnut Cutting Board // So functional that your host will easily use this the day you gift it.