Snack Stories No. 01


Introducing Snack Stories a look into what your favorite bloggers, creatives and makers are snacking on. I am personality obsessed with what food people cannot get enough of, so I thought you guys might be too!


First up is my favorite duo, Wildling Kitchen. Emily and Anais are the creative souls behind their Brooklyn-based catering company and supper club. I attended one of their supper clubs over the summer and had the best time. They always serve up something unique that you have never tried before. Anais graciously answered a few of my snack stories questions!

Sweet or salty?

Salty, 99.9% of the time. When a marzipan craving strikes I have to give in, but I find it necessary to add salt to fruit so I'd say salty is the definite winner.

Plan it or just do it?


Emily and I try to plan as much as possible, but "just do it" is probably a more honest answer. Our planning sessions often take place over coffee in the very early morning, or over drinks after midnight, and turn into endless card games or binge watching the OC more often than not.

Late night or when it feels right?

For me, when it feels right, but for Emily, I'd venture a guess and say late night. The girl doesn't need sleep like most humans, and I'm probably more of a grandma than your actual grandma.

Your dream snack (fantasy)

A soft pretzel, right out of the oven, and an assortment of mustards for dipping.

Go to snack (reality)

Hummus. Hummus with carrots, hummus with chips, hummus with celery... Once I saw a woman eat an entire tub of Sabra with her finger on the F train and even that wasn't enough to put me off of the stuff, although I would never buy hummus when it's so easy to make at home.